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A Critical Dimension in Leadership Development

You’ve been working your way through the leadership maze for some time now. You’ve read the books. Attended some seminars. And grown in your leadership skills. But you still keep finding yourself back in many of the same old places as a leader – dealing with the same issues and making some of the same mistakes.

It is critical to know who we are from the inside–out.  It is also essential to become aware of how we have been – and are – influenced by group history and dynamics.  The impact of our most primary group, our family, is often ignored as we explore our leadership roles.  Instead of simply focusing on leadership skills, Self-Defined Leadership programs help participants delve deeper into the factors that influence their leadership style and learn techniques for overcoming the obstacles that keep them from truly succeeding.

Ever wonder why certain types of people set your teeth on edge? Why a colleague feels like your step-dad? What role did you have growing up? – the smart one, the lazy one, the shy one, the independent one? Learn how your family experiences and history influence you today.

Becoming Self Defined Leaders Through Exploration of Family of  Origin

A crucial step toward effective leadership is developing awareness of oneself. Increased knowledge of self yields greater personal development and maturity which often translates into greater emotional stability and interpersonal skills. People often recreate their family roles within work and social settings. These roles can have both positive and negative impacts on performance and results. The intent of this Workshop is to enhance effectiveness by helping attendees achieve greater insight into how family patterns are influencing their behavior as leaders.

The Workshop Approach

Dr. Blum’s process of combining lecture, demonstration, individual activity, and small group discussion enables attendees of the workshops to not only fully grasp the concept of leadership through family of origin but also enables attendees to create their own family genogram. Individual sessions with Dr. Blum deepen the work completed in the workshops. This course was originally piloted at the Harvard Kennedy School and sponsored by its Center for Public Leadership, where Dr. Blum continues to lecture and conduct workshops and study sections.

How do I find out more?

Variations of the Self-Defined Leadership Workshop are conducted by Marjorie Blum, Ph.D. in both public and academic settings.

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