Office Hours

Dr. Blum’s basic schedule offers client appointments on Monday through Friday, 10am until 6pm.  She works on Fridays, evenings and Saturdays once or twice per month. She is open to discussing your particular needs with you to find a convenient time for your appointment.


You will be offered a statement for psychotherapy and consultations at the time of services. This will include all information needed by insurance companies to process your request for coverage.  Coaching sessions are not eligible for insurance coverage.

Cancellation Policy

Dr. Blum requests that you give at minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of any appointment or consult.  If you are unable to offer this notice, you will be billed for the time committed to you.


Dr. Blum offers a $190 hourly fee for psychotherapy. She does hold several sliding scale slots open, allotment is based on need and availability.

She also offers a standard rate for IVF and  oocyte/sperm recipiency consults which is consistent with the national fees. These include time dedicated to our consult as well as writing the report for your physician.

Daily rate for workshops and consultation is available on request.  Often we will want to discuss your goals and time commitment such that rates for program development and delivery can be tailored to your particular needs.