Dr.  Blum offers the benefit of drawing on her psychology training and rich experience as well as her leadership knowledge in working with her coaching clients.  She has  experience and perspective to help you discover, set, and reach  your goals.   Dr. Blum enjoys working with humor; Coaching2she is supportive as well as provocative.  She is results oriented, collaborating with you to identify and encourage the steps necessary to achieve your  objectives Dr. Blum’s work with you may be short term but is focused on the long term – affording lasting professional and personal development with a commitment to action.

Dr. Blum has worked with a wide variety of clients in many fields including government, business, entrepreneurial ventures, the arts, and family leaders.   Her clients come from all stages of life,  from new graduates and emerging leaders to corporate officers and those making late career choices. She has coached individuals from around the globe.

Dr. Blum offers coaching to:

  • Advance your leadership skills
  • Enhance interpersonal and communication skills
  • Improve confidence
  • Help clients gain fresh perspectives and create novel solutions to challenges
  • Establish work-life balance
  • Manage stress
  • Establish goals and “next steps” in career and life choices


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