LakeI’d like to share a bit about my approach to clinical “work”.  I work with individuals, couples, and families in an engaged and interactive fashion. I see our work together as collaborative and respectful. I enjoy using humor and creativity in the service of healing and problem solving. Even before these tough economic times, I believe in working quickly and efficiently (whenever possible). Therapy is a temporary state with life long impact!

I enjoy looking at clients’ challenges from many angles. I have immersed myself in a wide variety of approaches to finding solutions to problems and see my role as a “coach” and support for change. Over the past twenty years, I have trained in systems, cognitive – behavioral, dynamic and interpersonal therapies.

I have also worked with large institutions in developing and offering stress management, leadership development and resilience workshops. I am delighted to speak with you to discuss my philosophy and approach in further detail.

Here is a link to an article about assertiveness.  I was interviewed and cited by the author.

Here is a link to an article about list-making.  I was interviewed and cited by the author

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